The Wordsmith

typewriter-2325552_1920Through a mix of hard work, chance, and existential crises, I have been a professional writer and editor for around a decade.

By day I manage a content team for an international online publisher. By night I write fiction, read fantasy, and pour copious amounts of Earl Grey down my gullet.

I also like to pretend that I understand and exercise “adulting” from the comfort of my self-constructed blanket fort on the living room floor.

I’ve been published a few times, and I have not been published even more times than that.

If you’d like to get in touch about having me do some work for you, please mosey on over to my Contact page.


17 thoughts on “The Wordsmith

  1. You are a corrections officer, patrolling the beat, cleaning the literary streets, abolishing the riffraff from this respectable establishment…my husband plays a similar role–and makes the world a more pleasing place to live. Carry on the good work you do, worthy wordsmith! 🙂

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