The Ten Commandments (Book Lovers’ Edition)

Ten_Commandments_MonumentIf you are like me, you really love books. They are your getaway, they are your passion, they are your hobby. It’s not a casual relationship, it’s a lifelong dedication to literature and everything that it includes. I was thinking about how books influence my life, and I came up with some general rules that apply to my reading habits. So, here are the ten commandments for book lovers:

1-Thou shalt not start with any book in a series other than the first.

2-Thou shalt not dog-ear pages, crack spines, or cause damage to jackets.

3-When a character you love dies, thou shalt feel the wound in your deepest of hearts. (Especially if you are reading Harry Potter, His Dark Materials, Games of Thrones, etc.)

4-Thou shalt defend thine favourite authors with vigour, even if they write a book after the one that you loved that isn’t quite as good.

5-Thou shalt not, under any circumstance, prefer the movie to the book.

6-Thou shalt have more book covered surfaces in thine residence than not.

7-Thou shalt justify money spent on books by claiming that “books are never a waste of money, at least I’m not buying shoes”.

8-Thou shalt do thine utmost to ensure that if you have a series, they are all the same type and have matching artwork.

9-Thou shalt feel a pain in thine soul when deciding if you should let someone borrow one of your books.

10-Thou shalt refuse to remove pages from books to start a fire, even if you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse.

Does anyone else feel the same, or is it just me? Of course, since I wrote these, they are made up of my own feelings. Are there any that you would add or change?

Sidenote: My new website has recently been completed, if you’d like to see you can go here: I’ve also, as you have probably noticed, made some changes to the appearance and address of my blog (it was mywordsmithery previously). And lastly, I have also made some changes to my FB page, which you can find here if interested.

44 thoughts on “The Ten Commandments (Book Lovers’ Edition)

  1. This made me laugh. It’s uncannily representative to my own steadfast traditions! I’d maybe go a wee bit harder on #9 though, like : Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s books, nor shalt thou entertain such devilry.

    • Oh, I like that! If I were being truthful, my number 9 would be more like: hide every book that you own before entertaining so that there’s no chance anyone will want to borrow them.

  2. I read this post expecting to learn something new….but when I understood that I am already following all the commandments…I am very happy, especially with the 6th and 7th.

  3. Thanks for following my blog! I love this post. Sometimes I think my love of books is typical of everyone and then I read your post and I realize that I am a part of a club that has all sorts of rules (commandments) for books. I especially love 6,7,8,9. I might have to disagree with #2 if for no other reason that sometimes numbers underlinings (insights etc.) sometimes come with a dog eared page. This is so I can come back to it and savor it all over again. But dog earring in place of a bookmark is unnecessary. Love the post. Looking forward to more.

    • Thank you. One of the best parts of the blogging world is finding people that have similar interests and being part of an online club of sorts. Glad to hear that you enjoyed the post!

  4. These are so perfectly me! The only one I might alter, is that instead of having book covered surfaces, I would have every available wall space affixed with a bookcase. Otherwise – my thoughts exactly!

  5. No. 6 is too true. My bed is 75% books and 25% space for me to maneuver to get into a comfy enough sleeping position.

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  7. As a “budget reader” I buy my used books so I CAN get food on the book as I turn the pages since I LOVE to read a novel while eating a leisurely meal, and if I break the spine it’s okay. And if I give the book away to a friend or relative to read I don’t ask for it back usually, or I donate it to our tine one room library in the small town I grew up in and still live in. I don’t often have the luxury of reading the first book in a series when I pick one up at the flea market or the nearest city library book sale, (The $5.00 a box last day sale is the best!). But if I’m lucky I eventually read the whole series! LOL

    • I do lots of trade-ins for used books, but I can’t eat and read at the same time. I can give certain books away no problem, but if you asked me to give away my illustrated LOTR hardcover, I would have a problem! I’ve read books other than the first in a series, but completely by accident, and it drives me crazy! Haha!

  8. This is perfect! I still feel traumatised that I’ve now lent my sister two books that she returned water damaged! Now when she wants to borrow them I say they’re for decoration only! I can’t take the heartbreak!

  9. I would love these on my wall! I am horribly guilty of #9. I have trust issues with my adopted children. I shall start saying #7.
    I think another good rule would be the classic: Thou shall not judge book by cover.
    It’s always nice to read those inside flaps and the back, maybe a chapter…or a few more.

  10. Yes!!! I relate to so many of these. Especially #9 for the fear that they’ll take it upon themselves to break #2. I’m just like, “I see what you do to your books. I don’t even want to know what you’ll do to mine.”

    • I have a lot of trouble lending. If I have a book that I didn’t really enjoy all that much, I have no problem giving it away, trading it, or donating it, but if I like it, it’s for my eyes only, haha!

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